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Thursday, 18 October 2018
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Thursday, 12 July 2018
How to build your core strength to achieve optimum health
Thursday, 21 June 2018
It's never too late to become active and healthy
Thursday, June 21 2018

The secret to a longer life may be a Barbell..............

More and more studies are showing that strength training as you age reduces your risk for death. 

Now the following study is a bit morbid, but stick with me.  Researchers surveyed people age 65 or older about their exercise habits and then tracked them for 15 years.  Nearly one third of the study participants died during that period.  

Less than 10% of the subjects strength trained, but those select few were 46% less likely to die during the study than everyone else.  

Sure, you could say that older folks who lift must be in better health to begin with, but even after adjusting for BMI, chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, and habits like total physical activity, drinking and smoking, lifting was linked to a 19% reduced risk of death.

Strength training helps keep you active and independent in your golden years.  It can be performed individually or as part of a small group.  The other great benefit of strength training is that it can be done all year round, rain, hail or shine.  

Not only does it strengthen your muscles, resulting in better stamina and balance, but it also increases your bone density.  The other great thing about having strong healthy muscles, is that they are fat burners!  You will burn more calories throughout the day just by having more muscle mass on your frame, which helps you maintain a healthy weight.  So strong muscles, strong bones and reduced body weight are all primary beneficial factors that can help reduce your risk for falls and fractures - major causes of disability for older people.

Strength training can be safe for just about anyone, but if you are over age 65 and inactive, talk to your local Health Care Provider, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist or Personal Trainer about any special precautions you should take and personal exercise prescriptions specific for you.

Don't think that your age will hold you back, it is never too late to start.


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