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Thursday, 18 October 2018
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How to build your core strength to achieve optimum health
Thursday, 21 June 2018
It's never too late to become active and healthy

Helping, healing and educating the community and the Lockyer Valley since 2004

Our Vision:  Is to provide love and care for the wellbeing of the community.
The team at C2C have the skills, experience and understanding to get you back on track as quick as possible. C2C is a locally owned and operated family business located in Plainland, the Lockyer Valley’s fastest growing community. Our team are passionate about enhancing your health, seeking the latest in health information and providing education about your condition.

Mission Statement: Treat the Individual, Heal the Community….
Sessions at C2C may help relieve your pain by:

++ Restoring and rebalancing tight muscles, especially around your neck, shoulders, spine, lower back and pelvis
++ Teaching you how to maintain good posture and work towards preventing the causes of your pain - not just masking the symptoms
++ Encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and adjusting your body as a whole to promote overall health
++ Providing stretches, exercises and nutritional supplements to help you obtain and maintain optimal health

  1. ALL NATURAL - Drug-Free (low risk) solutions for your health concerns
  2. LATEST RESEARCH - Shows that chiropractic and exercise are better for neck pain than drugs
  3. HAPPY CLIENTS -  We have over 6000 happy clients from the Lockyer Valley who have already received treatment from us
  4. HONESTY - We will let you know exactly what to expect from us and will refer you onwards if we know we cannot help you
  5. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE - We have the best team of happy, enthusiastic, highly qualified staff to help meet your needs
  6. LOCAL - We are local people (5th generation) who are here for the long term
  7. OPEN MORE HOURS - We are the only full-time clinic in the Lockyer Valley which means we are open 6 days for your convenience
  8. WE CARE - About your health and happiness
  9. COMMUNITY SPIRIT - We actively give back to our community and support local clubs, schools and charities as well as local campdrafts and Wandering Warriors.

Chiropractic care for people and animals, massage, pain relief, injury repair, health and rehabilitation.

At Coast to Country Chiropractic, we understand that equipment failure and breakdowns can have devastating effects on the productivity of your business and your enjoyment of life — especially when that vital piece of machinery is your own spine.

Pain is a symptom and while effective short-term relief from pain is important, we also place great emphasis on treating the long-term causes of your pain.

Chiropractic Care for People

Ease your pain and get on with life with quality care from the experienced chiropractors at Coast to Country.

Kinesio Taping

Relieve pain, decrease swelling around painful joints and reduce stiffness with Kinesio Taping at Coast to Country.

Chiropractic Care for Pets & Animals

Just like people, sometimes our pets and animals need help to feel well and perform at their best.


Stimulate good health and relieve pain with Biomesotherapy at Coast to Country. A safe, effective advanced form of homotoxicology.


Expert massages to help you feel well and perform at your best. Relaxation, remedial, deep-tissue, sports and lymphatic massages.

Microcurrent Therapy

A safe, effective and non-invasive method providing relief from nerve and muscle pain at Coast to Country Chiropractic.

Visit us at  - 7 MAROSKE ROAD PLAINLAND QLD 4341 - Serving the Lockyer Valley and beyond

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Serving the Lockyer Valley and beyond

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